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Blackberry OS 4.5 and laterPhoenix_Oasis01263Phoenix_Oasis
AT&T supplier and my phone is a TiltBaez2930CritterKeeper
Facebook Myspace Facebook + =any extras like on myspaceBaez1996missb
Facebook Facebook Security Breachmissb21028GeekGirl
GeekDrop Area HI this is Miss!Miss51384Miss
GeekDrop Area The_Great_Oasis aka Phoenix_OasisPhoenix_Oasis81094LBL
Outlook shortcutsGreen31021Me in Wonderland
Facebook Twitter Facebook to become more like Twitter?Green21289LBL
Final days- Circuit CityGreen1843Smartmom
A "job" well doneGreen1969Smartmom
GeekDrop Area Thanks for the invite!AlmostEvil11109Princessb
Is Joaquin just kidding?Me in Wonderland71308Princessb
Poll Is a lifetime enough? Or would immortality be sweet?Me in Wonderland91304Princessb
Chat & Text Message Acronym ReferenceSmartmom13744Phoenix_Oasis
Solved how to display my 2.0 headlineloomis103181188loomis1031
How Geeky are you? Drop in and take the quiz.Me in Wonderland161859LBL
GeekDrop Area Loomis1031loomis10311860Smartmom
GeekDrop Area The Deviliamthedevil61258missb
Poll Pick a vacation......GeekDrop342529Smartmom
GeekDrop Area HiU2111953missb
presidental computer security breachSmartmom2799James Clerk
GeekDrop Area Welcome to the Drop!Smartmom03588Smartmom
Celebrity Apprenticemissb4980missb
Worm Tumormissb102279Me in Wonderland

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