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Young Adult Recommendations

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Re: Young Adult Recommendations

About the Meg Cabot books, you linked to the Meg Cabot TEEN so, Green if you get her any of those, make sure it's ones from the link Oasis provided. Meg Cabot also writes other books, funny ones, but with wayyy to much adult content. Laughing

I have to second what some have already said- A Wrinkle in Time, Princess Bride, Catcher in the Rye, etc...there are so many awesome books listed here. Makes me want to reread them. *lol*

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Re: Young Adult Recommendations

I second all of those! They are all fantastic reads.

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Re: Young Adult Recommendations

harry potter!! best book ever

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Re: Young Adult Recommendations

I've read several hundred books at this point and I'd say the Potter series will go down as one of my favorites ever. Very well written character driven story with a fantastic story arc. You can't go wrong there, and its miles better than that Twilight crap Wink

Also, when I was a kid, a bit younger than yours, the very first author I got into was Roald Dahl. For my money one of the best writers ever...start with Matilda and then the rest of them, they're all great.

If you wanna check out some fantasy that isn't on the maturity level of the stuff I like now, try David Eddings' 'Belgariad' series. It was the first typical fantasy series I read and I have very fond memories of it. The first book is called 'Pawn Of Prophecy'.

P.S. - Major bump here Laughing didn't realize it till after

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Re: Young Adult Recommendations
The Glove wrote:

P.S. - Major bump here Laughing didn't realize it till after

Tis ok, we don't mind old thread bumps here. Smile

Google GeekDrop is your friend. Wink

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