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Windows Security Center Service is missing and won't start! - [SOLVED]

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Re: Windows Security Center Service is missing and won't ...

Jester Hello All,

I have come accross this problem again recently on a friends computer and my previous solution did not work so I had to Use a different route to solve
problem and thought I would update everyone to my findings. You need to boot computer Bypassing Windows for a moment so:-

This time the solution was this:-

  • Firstly go here and download a copy of Ubuntu (I used Ubuntu 12.10 because I already have a copy I used to dual boot my computer ) any distribution should be OK as long as it is compatible with your computer (i.e. 32 or 64 bit, Intel or AMD etc.)
  • Once downloaded , Burn the Ubuntu ISO file to a disc, then Leave the disc in the tray and re-boot your computer
  • your computer should now Boot into Ubuntu (Linux). Please Note that this will NOT HARM your windows installation in any way
  • When prompted click on TRY Ubuntu.
  • Once booted properly, click on the hard drive icon on the left of screen and look for two system folders, "Program Files" AND "Program Files (x86)"
  • inside each of these folders is another folder called "Security Client", Find these folders and DELETE them both
  • now simply remove the Ubuntu ISO disc from the drive and Re-Boot your computer.
  • Your computer should now Boot back into Windows and you can now Re-install "Windows Security Essentials", you can get a copy here:- (genuine Microsoft download)

Hope info is useful, Regards,

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Re: Windows Security Center Service is missing and won't ...

 Thank you so much for sharing. Problem solved easily.

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Re: Windows Security Center Service is missing and won't ...

 many thanks

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Re: Windows Security Center Service is missing and won't ...

I am feeling totally disgusted with Microsoft about this. Windows Security Center IS CERTAINLY MISSING because they have REPLACED IT with the ACTION CENTER! After hours of searching, reading, doing scans, sfc, and all the rest; I found this link!!! AARGF! to you Microsoft! Why not just tell us that in the first place!


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Re: Windows Security Center Service is missing and won't ...

thanx brother for post of windows security center wscvs.reg

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