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Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Walk Off The Set of The View

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Bill O'Reilly was a guest on The View today and was talking about the Mosque to be built on the 911 site and made a few comments Whoopi and Joy Behar didn't like / agree with and they walked off the set.

What do you think? Barbara Walter's said that they should not have walked off the set, I agree. I also agree with Bill O'Reilly a Mosque should not be built on that site, it's inappropriate.

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Re: Whoopi and Joy Walk Off The Set of The View

They knew they were bringing on a contraversal guest that they would probably disagree with. I think its poor taste to walk off the set in the middle of taping even if I agree/disagree with what they were arguing about. It was unprofessional they should have stayed and debated the subject more then walking off. Then again I'm thinking maybe this was planned because of all of the publicity it has gotten for the show. Wink

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Re: Whoopi and Joy Walk Off The Set of The View
While Bill O'Reilly can be a total arse sometimes, I completely agree with him and everything he says on there. I, for one, am also tired of the political correctness BS that surrounds 9/11, it is what it is so there's no point in dancing around it.

I think Whoopie and Joy were total asses for walking off, made them look totally STUPID. The show is called The VIEW, and they are co-hosts, so Bill wasn't allowed tell his view?? What a contradiction, I think they should be booted just for doing it.

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Re: Whoopi and Joy Walk Off The Set of The View

While I don't really susbscribe to the mainstream 'pop politics' of T.V. talking heads, Bill-O isn't really as bad as his reputation. He's more right wing than left for sure, but no way is he an extremist.
I REALLY don't like the mainstream liberals though, and Joy Behar is a big hypocrite for walking off the set here. She said she considered that "hate speech", yet I've heard her say some pretty nasty things about Catholics and Christians in general.

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