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What is a reasonable price to sell Precious Moments figurines for?

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 I inherited a large curio cabinet full of Precious Moments figurines and I have no use for them and would like to sell them. I know the new sell price for them is around $30-50, but I doubt I can sell them at that price, but I would like to try if possible since I could probably afford a used car or a moped if I sell them all at that price. In sum, how much would someone typically spend on a figure in good condition without the box?

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Re: What is a reasonable price to sell Precious Moments ...

Hi, I would go out to Ebay and look at the Precious Moments that are listed for sale. If you look at the highest price first you will see people selling them in large amounts as you are thinking of doing. Then see if they actually sell.
You can also look at each individual piece and get an idea what they have posted them for and if they actually did sell. The value of them lies in the age and the rareness of each - one could be worth 8 bucks and another $50 (hypothetical $$ amounts picked here). Some selected ones could even go much higher. You might also find a book on them that gives the value at the library or book store. If you have an antique mall near you they might have a book, also. You could also ask at the antique store if they would be interested in buying them and if so what they would offer. But only after you get a idea of the value of what you have. Most people that buy are looking for a "deal" so you might not get top dollar for them, but you would at least make some money off of them.

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