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Video Of Dad Confronting Daughters Bully On The Bus

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OK here is the video of the dad confronting the daughters bully on the school bus....

So was the dad out of line with this? If you had a child that was being bullied on the bus would you do this or what would you do? If your child was on the bus would you be upset?

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Re: Video Of Dad Confronting Daughters Bully On The Bus

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands, especially when it comes to bullies at school because as we've seen before, the schools don't seem to do much at all. Kudos to this dad, I bet his daughter's bullying stopped right after this incident Laughing Now would I do this? If I had a daughter yes, and would I have done this when my son was little, without a doubt. Would I do it now? He probably wouldn't let me, that would be too lame Laughing

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Re: Video Of Dad Confronting Daughters Bully On The Bus

Probably would have been best to take it up with school officials. I mean one of those meetings where the child's parent calls the shots, has papers to sign of all those in attendance, and serious and swift legal action threatened unless the bully is removed from the bus immediately. No tolerance. As is, the father has opened himself up for a trespassing charge among other charges. Acting like that in front of the kids didn't do much for his daughter.

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Re: Video Of Dad Confronting Daughters Bully On The Bus

That kinda things scares the hell out of kids that age, seeing a full grown adult in a rage, cussing and threatening, and not just the one he was focused on. IF he was going to confront the bully, he should have at least quietly talked directly, but sternly to the bully, and not made it an entire bus + physically threatening a white haired old man, who potentially could've dropped dead right then and there from a blood pressure spike and resulting grabber.

When I was about 15, a girls psycho, ex-marine dad, sternly pulled me aside and threatened me in their church for just calling his daughter after 10pm. (turned out it was another guy calling her but he thought it was me). Tell ya what though ... never called that girl again! (ok, that's a fib, but it was months before I did) Wink

I doubt it actually ended up helping his kid out. Now she's the talk of the school.

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