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Unvarnished, Is it People Rating Or A Hate Fest Website?

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Wow if you haven't heard of this new social website where you can rate others then you need to check it out: Basically its were you can rate other folks, rate yourself or request to be rated. Ok that sounds not to bad but here is the main problem. You can rate some one anonymously. So basically if you have a grudge and lets face it alot of folks do then it becomes a hate fest. See once you have been rated there is NO way to depute it or remove it much less see who posted it since its anonymous. The news media is not giving this site a good review but more of a not so good review. ABC News said: "For critics, the lack of profile control means nothing but trouble. Any co-worker or subordinate with a bone to pick or score to settle could head to the site and post an unfairly critical review, they say. And without their identity to hold them accountable, what's to stop online trolls from defaming anyone they want?".

Here are what the profiles look like:

So do you jump ahead and create your own profile or by doing that do you open a can of worms? I saw on TV one man who was a CEO of a large company say he did just that created his own profile but then found others slam him and his rating go way down. He suspected it was done by former employees.

So here is what Unvarnished says about itself:

What is Unvarnished?

Unvarnished is an online resource for building, managing, and researching professional reputation, using community-contributed, professional reviews.

Unvarnished reviews help you get the inside scoop on other business professionals, providing candid assessments of coworkers, potential hires, business partners, and more.

By contributing Unvarnished reviews, you can share your knowledge of other professionals, giving credit where credit is due, and valuable feedback where needed.

Lastly, your own Unvarnished profile, which you may create yourself or claim one that has been created for you, helps you take control of and build your own professional reputation. Get recognition for your accomplishments and actively manage your career growth.

What are Unvarnished reviews?

Unvarnished reviews are community-contributed, business-focused assessments of professional performance.

To help reviewers be honest and candid in their reviews, Unvarnished obscures the identity of review authors. This lets reviewers share their true, nuanced opinions without fear of repercussions.

At the same time, to ensure that reviews are of the highest quality, and maintain a helpful, business-focused approach, Unvarnished provides a suite of tools to allow the community to rate and moderate reviews.

And while reviewer identities are hidden from reviews, the quality of an individual revewer's submissions, as rated by other Unvarnished users, contributes to a Reviewer Authority score, a badge for which is attached to each review by a given reviewer.

Lastly, to empower a balanced conversation, Unvarnished makes it easy to quickly find relevant people to review, whether present or former colleagues, and for Unvarnished profile owners to request reviews from their trusted colleagues, taking control of their professional reputation.

What are Unvarnished profiles?

Unvarnished profiles are a central hub for community-contributed reviews regarding an individual business professional.

An Unvarnished profile can be created either by an individual for themselves or, alternatively, by an individual for another professional, in order to review them.

Through creating their own profile, or claiming one that was created for them, professionals can take control of and build their professional reputation. Profile owners can manage and build their reputation, by receiving notifications of new reviews, requesting reviews from trusted colleagues, adding resume details, and responding to reviews.

Unvarnished profiles are a great way to get credit for the good work you do and further your own career development and business.

They're also a great way to help your colleagues establish and build their professional reputation, and get valuable feedback on professional performance.

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Re: Unvarnished, Is it People Rating Or A Hate Fest Website?

oohh i think this is bad bad bad!! I mean it has great intentions but I can definitely see it getting abused big time. I mean what's to stop someone from creating a profile of their boss and then totalling bashing him (Thinking, wonder what kind of mood mine is in today Devil ). The fact that you can't remove a negative rating is probably not a good idea, but then what would the whole purpose be if it were all positive ratings ? It's worth keeping an eye on this site though.

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Wellington Florida
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Re: Unvarnished, Is it People Rating Or A Hate Fest Website?

See I agree and it almost wants to make you open your own so atleast you have the first say (or have a friend open it). The only thing is doing that do you run the risk of opening a can of worms?? I agree one to keep a eye out on.

I will say that its not as easy to get on the site so how the annon are posting I don't know. I had to submit a facebook to prove my age and then send them a email to get a invite since no one invited me. Yeah you bet your arse I used a backup email addy since I don't want to be associated with the site. Once I get in I'll check it out more and do a search/scan for friends names.

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Re: Unvarnished, Is it People Rating Or A Hate Fest Website?

Everybody acting like Unvarnished is a hate-fest has clearly never seen how many controls have been put in place to protect users. Any negative comments that approach hate get immediately deleted. It's the most professional operation I've ever seen.

If you want to see a an anonymous hate-fest, please visit DirtyPhoneBook because Unvarnished doesn't want to become like that.

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Re: Unvarnished, Is it People Rating Or A Hate Fest Website?

Is not the entire internet one big hate site? Think about any site where you rate things; movies, games, music, ect; Also message boards about hot button issues like politics or religion. For every 1 person that has good intentions about mature discussion there are at least 50 trolls.
The main appeal of the internet is to slander anonymously, be it people, places or things. Its always been the case since I joined the interwebs in about 98 or so, and I doubt it will ever change.

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