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Trying to steal a domain name, what time zone does GoDaddy use for expired domain names?

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I have a blog idea and thought of the PERFECT name for it but it's already registered. The person has done nothing with the domain for years so I think they're just squatting on it to get paid an outrageous amount. It expires next week and I want to try to 'steal / snatch / hijack' it out from under their noses Devil, does anyone know if GoDaddyGoDaddy Domain Registrar expires all domains at a certain time in a certain timezone? Like, if it says it expires on 9-11-12 does it expire exactly at midnight in for example the Eastern Time Zone? Please hurry and tell me! Biting Nails

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Re: Trying to steal a domain name, what time zone does ...

I've never tried it personally, but my guess is that it expires the same time it was created. So if it was registered at 5pm Eastern it would expire at the same time and timezone, that way they get the full exact amount of time they paid for. This is all guesswork though so I hope someone who really does know can chime in and help us out.

I did find some useful information to point you to though here: Process For Handling Expired Domains

Another good way to "steal" a domain name for your website is to Backorder DomainsBackorder Domains. Then it's all handled automatically for you the instant a domain expires giving you the best chance possible. It does cost slightly more but it's a negligible amount and usually worth it.

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