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Tito Ortiz Calls Out Floyd Mayweather Jr. For MMA Fight

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After UFC 118's "fight" between the self-proclaimed (but highly successful) best heavyweight of all time, James Toney and Randy Couture, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz has called out another successful boxer, undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr., via Facebook (see screenshot below):

Tito Ortiz calling out Floyd Mayweatehr Jr. for Mixed Martial Arts fight
Of course, I think everyone, us included, would love to still see this fight, I can't see it really happening. Tito Ortiz who is 6'1" and walks around at about 235 pounds, and drops down to no less than about 201 pounds for his fights, would be fighting a guy who is 5'8" and at his heaviest was 154 pounds.

Of course, both of them being huge hype promoters; Tito (love ya man), long known for his smack talking in MMA really can only be eclipsed in that department by Floyd Mayweather Jr's giant ego and pretentious motor-mouth, so it would be great to see Tito embarrass Mayweather badly, or more, than Randy Couture's 199 second beating of James Toney. Hopefully, Mayweather won't be left talking like James Toney's marble-mouth after the fight, should it take place. Smile

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Re: Tito Ortiz Calls Out Floyd Mayweather Jr. For MMA Fight

This could be an exciting event, but it will definitely in careful deliberation if the match will be set up or not. Since there are lots of things that needs to be considered which involves fame and money.

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