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Super-Handy AutoHotkey (AHK) Script to Change the Case of Text In-Line, or Wrap Text In Quotes

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If you're into making your 'puter life a lot easier, little bits at a time, here's a nice little script for you ... Thumbs Up

Just add this AHK script to your Windows Start Up, and it'll automatically always be there for you. See: How to Add AutoHotkey Scripts to Windows Start Up

What it Does

Once it's running, you'll have 2 new global HotKeys available to you for use in any program you're using:


Highlighting any text, and then pressing that HotKey will cycle through the 4 most common text casings, converting the highlighted text right in-line.

For example:

  • If you highlight "This is a test sentence", and then hit that HotKey once, it'll make it all UPPERCASE ("THIS IS A TEST SENTENCE").
  • Hit the HotKey again, it'll convert it to lowercase ("this is a test sentence").
  • Hit it again and it'll convert it to Sentence case ("This is a test sentence"). (First letter is capitalized, rest is lower-case).
  • Finally, hit it one more time and it'll convert it to Mixed case, or what I often call, "camel-case" ("This Is A Test Sentence"). (Each word is capitalized).

All right there, without having to copy to your clipboard first, or any other hassle, replacing the text you had highlighted with the newly converted text. Big Grin


Highlight some text and press this HotKey, and it'll wrap whatever you highlighted in (double) quotes. Great for people like myself, who quote a lot.

If you need to change the HotKey for either of them, it's easy to edit the AHK script in a text editor, to the HotKey you prefer.

Get it while it's hot, attached to this post!

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GeekDrop Convert Case (Cycle).7z855 bytes

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