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Recommended Antivirus Software

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Re: Recommended Antivirus Software
smartmom wrote:

yeah you really dont want to run to anti-viruses at the same time. It can cause HUGE issues

Yeah tell me about it. My work computer had Norton and Mcafee (something I had no idea about) and it made my computer run incredibly slow. I never knew why until I check my Add/Remove programs list and saw them both there.....I removed both of them and installed AVG, now it runs better.

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Re: Recommended Antivirus Software

Is Windows Live OneCare considered an anti virus program?

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Re: Recommended Antivirus Software

this is from THEIR website:

Keeps you safer online.

With OneCare comes greater peace of mind, knowing your home network, computers, and vital personal data are better protected from online threats not to mention that any children can surf in greater safety, too!

Antivirus, antispyware, and firewall
  • Monitors ongoing processes and helps protect your PC against a range of threats.
  • Helps stop viruses and spyware including Trojans, worms, and other malicious software.
  • Improves protection of information that comes into and goes out of your PCs with a two-way firewall.
  • Helps protect by scanning e-mail and cleaning downloaded files in real time cleaning as they come in.
Wireless networking security
  • Automated network security features recognize when you are on a trusted home wireless network and when you're using wireless connections on the go, then change security settings accordingly.
Online identity theft protection
  • Helps safeguard your personal information when you browse the Web, do online banking, or make purchases.
  • Improves security of user names and passwords.
  • Blocks fraudulent websites using Microsoft Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer 7.

So I'm going to venture and say yes it looks like it is. I don't have Windows Live Onecare. I have Windows Live Messenger but not this program. Do you remember adding this? Its also a program that is not free but they have a free demo. Maybe this is your pc issue. You can't run two anti viruses at once because the firewalls with screw with each other and generally not let you online at all. I know you say you can get online then it boots you off fast. Laughing I dont see you online now so I'll muster what voice I have left and call you.

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