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Netflix Error AIP-701 - [Solution] - We're having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later ...

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We're having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title.

Sound familiar?

I was recently getting this error (AIP-701) on the Netflix. app on my NSZ-GS7 GoogleTV box (GTV), whenever I would try to play any movie or TV show. It just happened out of nowhere. Turns out the solution is simple; the most annoying part of it is that you'll need to re-enter your Netflix password.

So here we go, here's how to fix this error (and probably any similar Netflix. error code):

  • Load up Netflix and go to the main screen
  • On your remote, use the directional arrow keys to enter this combination: Up Up, Down Down, Left Right, Left Right, Up Up, Up Up, Up
  • (That's 2 Ups, 2 Downs, Left - Right 2 times, then 5 Ups) (ProTip: If the last 5 Ups don't work, try the same code, but with 4 Ups at the end instead.)
  • You should get the following (or similar) dialog popping up, with an option to Deactivate this Netflix. device
  • Go ahead and do so
  • Then just re-enter your Netflix. login and password after re-opening the app

Netflix Error Codes Fix Solution

So far this trick has been reported to work on all of these devices:

  • Amazon FireTV / Stick
  • Boxee
  • D-Link Devices
  • Emerson Devices
  • Fetch TV DVR
  • Hi-Sense Vidaa
  • Insignia TV's
  • LG Blu-Ray / 3D Players (See tip: here)
  • LG LW5700
  • LG Smart TV
  • NeoTV
  • NSZ-GS7 (Google TV a.k.a. 'GTV')
  • Panasonic BDT220
  • Panasonic TV's
  • Panasonic Viera TV
  • Roku 2
  • Samsung BD / Blu-Ray Players
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Sharp TV
  • Toshiba Smart TV
  • Vizio CoStar
  • Wii / WiiU
  • Xbox
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Re: Netflix Error AIP-701 - [Solution] - We're having ...

worked for d-link. Thanks !!

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Re: Netflix Error AIP-701 - [Solution] - We're having ...

This didn't work on my Wii.

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Re: Netflix Error AIP-701 - [Solution] - We're having ...

Hi I had trouble with my wii and wii u with the American Netflix,but the Canadian side worked. What I found though is if you delete the application and enter a different DNS code then re install Netflix then it works at least for me it did.

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Re: Netflix Error AIP-701 - [Solution] - We're having ...

Worked on the wii... Totally thought this was a joke at first (sounds like a cheat in mortal kombat) but it worked!

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Re: Netflix Error AIP-701 - [Solution] - We're having ...

FINISH HIM!!!...... ROFL..... Can't belive this worked ..... Thanks

Frank's picture
Re: Netflix Error AIP-701 - [Solution] - We're having ...

Work on my LG blu ray, thought I was playing a cheat code for Contra on Nintendo Laughing

forrestine.ward's picture
Re: Netflix Error AIP-701 - [Solution] - We're having ...

Thank you very much. It worked!!!

bryanchriswhite's picture
Re: Netflix Error AIP-701 - [Solution] - We're having ...

 worked for me on my sony google tv (NSZ-GS7). Thanks!

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Re: Netflix Error AIP-701 - [Solution] - We're having ...

Worked great! Thanks Smile

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Re: Netflix Error AIP-701 - [Solution] - We're having ...

Worked great on my Panasonic smart TV!

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