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Mega Mob Friends

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I just want to give everyone a heads up that there is a nice new work-around on how to add mega friends to your myspace (Mobster's friends). Its really easy, but we can't post this in the open (things get fixed that way), however you can find it in our Premium Membership area.

Best part is you can add THOUSANDS in one day. There is NO 400 limit like you find doing it the old s-l-o-w way.

Let me give you an idea of how easy this is........

Here were my friends this earlier

Here are my friends now (and I have a over 1k still waiting approval)

This took me about 1 hour:

Here is the thread that once you are a Premie you can see the whole trick (minus the covered up stuff).


If you're trying to build your mob up, you know that there is a maximum limit of 400 friends added per day. Here is a way to by-pass this, so you can add an unlimited number of invites at a time:

1. GO TO [sorry we simply can't show] TOOLBAR,
3. GO TO [yeah once again we had to remove it]

4. CLICK THE [subscribe and see its really cheap and well worth it]

THERE IS A BOX THAT SAYS "ENTER E-MAILS HERE". [You really didn't think we could show what goes in here did you - that would be showing way to much] THIS WILL BYPASS THE 400 A DAY LIMIT

OK, so at this point you're either signing up, or you're aggravated. So why not just show everyone how? Well let me explain that there are loopholes (we
loop holes) and well, we would hate for them to get closed. If it's not in the open then it has a better chance of living, and we all benefit. Besides, this nice little gem we have other fun items in there (like ways to see some private things not only in myspace but facebook, photobucket, etc......). Hey its $2.99 a month - you can't get a Starbucks cup of coffee or a happy meal for that cheap.

Even if you don't become a Premie, at least
Register here on geekdrop - that way when we do find new little goodies you will get a heads up via e-mail. It's FREE to Register

Please enjoy our many FREE (open area) mobster tips here: Mobsters

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