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Mafia Wars: Cuba-nice little racket but not in your favor necessarily

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Uncle Freakin Joe
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This Cuba thing is a nice little racket. Too bad you're on da utter side of da fence on dat one.

I got to try that out maybe...2 weeks or so ago. I can't remember when. I've complied a few tips from the word go on this. That you might or might not agree with. Maybe you haven't got there yet. Why the hell not? Tongue

1. Don't put too much energy into jobs there. Take it slow. Face it. You need all this energy, thousands of dollars for the dumbest of things. What do you get? You don't even get a freaking grand of pesos! What kinda stinky job is dat? Com'mon now.

2. For each item of Cuban style WHOOP arse you buy, you have to pay half a point in bribe money! Keep it to a minimum. However, half a point is half a point. Hold on to dem pesos.

3. If you're going to fight, fine. Whackin' some poor slob is a lot easier for some reason in Cuba vs. NYC. Why? Hell if I know. However, healing isn't cheap! You can spend a lot of money from healing in NYC. What do you get in Cuba? You get squat! You might get a few pesos here and dare. Dat's it.

4. Build da business! Seriously. The only way you're gonna get a freaking dime outta dare is if you put da money in da businesses dare. Kapiche? Don't go focusing too much on capacity unless you just want too. My advice, upgrade the quality and screw the capacity and output for the time being. I made that mistake with the cancer stick place. I shoulda just upgraded to that counterfit beer day make and the end. You can sink in some serious money to milk that factory and it takes too long to get a return. Once you get the one business going, save for da next.

I am debatin' about the crooked politician thing next. I put in money for crooked politicians. What do I get? More crooked politicians. Wheres my cut? Marone! Somethin' ain't right dare.

Once you get the quality upgraded on all the other joints, THEN upgrade the capacity and output. Save your energy for something that pays some real money for the most part. Get the money makin' first. THEN do all this other stuff. By the time you get a footing or start to shape something up in Cuba, Moscow comes along.

Meanwhile, Uncle Freakin' Joe here gots 490+ Town Cars. I got's da real estate machine pumpin out cash money quite nicely. Now, it's a month in and back to da old horde for a few days to buy 10 of a kind to make some more freakin' money. I'm good for now. Somethin' tells me I oughta start some serious reinvestment for later. I gots a feelin' Ima need some more WHOOP arse for later.


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