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Jessica Callaway Child Abuse Video

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What do you think of Jessica Callaway blowing pot smoke into her daughters mouth? Is that as good as a bottle of warm milk for calming a colicky baby? Is she the next Casey Anthony? I suppose this is a counter argument for legalizing marijuana and making it even more available to the people who don't know how to "use it properly", but then again, if guns are legal and just about any irresponsible kid person can get access to one, why not marijuana too?

See, this is my complaint with the way the media has been making "baby bumps" so faddish and "cool" lately, is that ALL girls are wanting a "cute wil bwaby" but have NO idea what it really takes to be around one every minute of every single day for the rest of their find out REAL fast that they just weren't cut out to be a parent, especially when they have a party girl nature, eventually that party girl in them is GOING to fight it's way to the surface.

She also has a Facebook page as shown in the video, but I wasn't able to find it, if you know the link to it please post it in a comment!

WARNING: This video is a bit graphic and will no doubt make good parents (and people) very angry, if you feel that you can't or shouldn't watch this, please don't.

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Re: Jessica Callaway Child Abuse Video

Thank God for cell phones and the ability to easily record video and pictures these days! Everyone is always so concerned about their privacy and people abusing the ability but if it weren't for that ability child abusers like this one probably get away with it all the time!

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Re: Jessica Callaway Child Abuse Video
Baez wrote:

but if it weren't for that ability child abusers like this one probably get away with it all the time!

I agree! And I bet SO many have and still will get away with it, I bet it happens every single day somewhere in this world. If people can be heartless enough to abuse innocent pets and animals they can be doing it to children too. I just don't understand how people can be so cruel sometimes, it really amazes me. Sad


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Re: Jessica Callaway Child Abuse Video
Phantom wrote:

Is she the next Casey Anthony?

I think this very easily could've been the next Casey Anthony just waiting to happen, sooner or later. She clearly wasn't ready to be a parent, the baby is only months old yet, and she's still more concerned about getting high / drunk and partying than being at home raising a kid. Once you have a kid life is no longer about you, it's about the kid, playtime is over.

Shhh.. dont tell anyone, but we also have a private forum area with the really good stuff, see?

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Re: Jessica Callaway Child Abuse Video

You know what else this shows? How much the media controls people's minds. Why do they only show stuff like this when it involves cute girls? This kind of thing happens everyday in America but the news doesn't report that! And if you think it's only for cute mothers abusing babies and hot women teachers sexually "abusing" male students, you're totally brainwashed people!! It's for everything, including the war, politicians, Obama's run for Presidency, promoting interracial dating, rap/black music promoting instead of "white music", Bin Laden being dead without proof, and just about EVERYTHING. If only people weren't so easily brainwashed and susceptible to being "politically corrected"! PLEASE, learn to see through the brain washing people!!

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