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Introducing- GeekDrop's First Contest!

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Geekdrop is pleased to announce it's first contest ever! We're excited to see what our members have in store for us!

Okay droppers- your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to post your favorite legal "trick". Anything from a super awesome secret Windows or Mac goodie, or a sweet little trick to make fellow droppers social networking experiences even better- Post them all and increase your chance of winning. The sky's the limit here and, as long as your "tricky" stuff is legal, it can be on ANY subject. So don't feel restricted by just internet related stuff.

Now, what we're looking for is a super fantastic "how to" thread. A step by step on how your trick works. Pictures always help and are always appreciated. And the better and more visual the thread, the higher your chances of being Geekdrop's first official contest winner are!

Contest begins on 6/28 midnight.
Deadline to submit your thread(s) is 7/5/09 at midnight.

"Hey MIW, what do I get if I do win the first of GD's contests?," (pretty cool within itself) you ask? Well, aside from bragging rights of being the baddest of the Droppers, you get this super exclusive badge that ONLY Geekdrop contest winners will EVER have the right to rock. And it's yours to keep! How cool is that?! Big Grin

"So are the mods or site owner also going to participate?" No of course not sillies! Contests are exclusively for our members. Something a little fun that we hope gives you a bit of a distraction from life's everyday hassles...ya know, like work? Wink

"How will the winner be determined?"- Glad you asked! Winners will be determined after a vote is held. All GD members will be allowed to cast their vote in a poll to take place a few days after the contest deadline. Once the numbers are all tallied up, the "i"s dotted and the "t"s crossed, we'll announce the winner!

So come on Droppers, let us know you're entering by posting below "I'm In!".
Once you're ready to post your extremely bad @$$ information, post your thread in the contest forum for us to admire and learn from. That's it. Good luck to all contest participants- may the force of the Drop be with you.

Annnd away we go...

This Contest Has Ended. Congratulations to Our Winners!

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Re: Introducing- GeekDrop's First Contest!
I'm in.
Vegas Baby!
Re: Introducing- GeekDrop's First Contest!

Meh... I can't let Missb win hands down... I'm in.

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