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Help Community Login: Pop-Up When Logging Into Windows? [SOLVED]

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Sometimes I get this random page loading whenever I log on to Windows, seemingly after I lose internet connection. This page will load up all by itself:


I've done MalwareMalwarebytes Anti-virus / Anti-malware scans with Adaware and Malwarebytes. and they say I'm clean. Am I infected??

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GeekDrop - WISPR Fix.7z348 bytes

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You're not infected. At least not pertaining to this. Tongue

Apparently Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, thought this was a good idea to bake into Windows. You can stop it by manually editing this registry key:


and setting it's value from 1 to 0. To make it easier though, I've made the change and exported the key, and attached it to your post. You can download it, and double-click on it to take care of it for you.

Shhh.. dont tell anyone, but we also have a private forum area with the really good stuff, see?

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