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How to successfully list and sell on ebay

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Ok alot of ppl don't sell on ebay simply because they don't know how to. I'm going to show you its really easy to do and its not expensive at all. You can sell about anything on ebay, what is your junk maybe another ones treasure.

Now first before you go to sell anything you need to do your homework on the item and prep it for selling. How much is it worth? Don't just guess you need to look for others selling the same thing and find out what they are selling it for. You then need to make sure you do your homework as far as what your fees will be for shipping and handling. You can do it a few ways, weigh it and put a call into UPS / Fed-X or USPS. Now you can oppt for the option that you put in the weight and they (the customer) will put in their zip and it will auto calculate it. I've done things both ways. If its a item that will fit in one of those USPS flat rate boxes that makes it sweet. Also think about it you need to add on additional fees for a tracking or confirmations numbers. I like to get tracking numbers and send them to the customers via email.

Pictures and descriptions are important. Be up front with what you are selling, don't cover flaws its not worth it. I sold a vintage Gucci purse that I had for around 26 yrs. It was marked up inside with pen and really had been well used. I took about 15 pictures of it and was very honest - darn thing sold for $165.00 I was amazed.

Payment - most take paypal only but some will take payment other ways. Really it all depends on what you want to do. Personally I do PayPal only. That way I feel safe in knowing I get my money. I require payment with in 3 days of close of auction or I will relist and report. Now you need to take in consideration for paypal fees and add that into your auction. Here is the fee schedule for paypal:

Purchase payments received (monthly) Fee per transaction
$0.00 USD - $3,000.00 USD 2.9% + $0.30 USD
$3,000.01 USD - $10,000.00 USD 2.5% + $0.30 USD
$10,000.01 USD - $100,000.00 USD 2.2% + $0.30 USD
> $100,000.00 USD 1.9% + $0.30 USD

Now I will say I have sold a few big ticket items. I've sold 2 cars and 2 boats on ebay. For those obviously I didn't want to eat that high of a percentage on the price. What I did there (and most do) is I required a $1000. deposit via paypal with in 3 days of close and the rest due at pick up (pick up had to be with in 30 days). The reason I require the deposit is if they change their mind or don't show to pick it up I can relist it, I do not refund the deposit. I did require THE BUYER to arrange transportation for the cars and boats. The boats went local and the cars, well one went to Mass and the other to VA. For cars do yourself the favor and provide a carfax. I also did allow them to arrange with a local mechanic to look over the cars. One didn't care he trusted me but the other one had me take it to the local dealership. I did do that since basically they were buying a car unseen. One car was a porsche 911, that was the one that was inspected.

Ok so let me walk you though how to list a item - its pretty easy and self explanatory but the first time can have you nervous so I'll take you step by step. First you have to be registered at ebay - I think you can figure that one out with out help. Ok here I am selling a glass vase

1. You click on the "sell" then the "sell an item" at the top of your page.

2. Well I think this is obvious but you need to "start selling"

3. You need to select a category. It's pretty easy it will walk you though. As you pick one category it will give you options as you go along to better help others search for your item and to put you in the right area for sale.

once you create your category they you can start in creating your listing

5. Pick a title. Make sure you pick a good one that explains what you are selling. You can also add a sub-title if you want.

6. Now you need to add your pictures - add as many as you need to so that they really see your item. If there is any damage or wear you need to show it.

It's easy to upload pics. Simply find the file you have them stored on (on your computer) and upload them

7. Next comes the most important part the description. Make sure you give all of the details on it in full. Make sure you include any measurements, history if you have it. Anything that you think they might want to know prior to purchase.

8. Now comes the fluff of the ad. You can make it pretty and fancy or leave it plain. The designer layout is $0.10 so its a cheap way to dress it up if you want. You can preview the looks to make sure its what you want it to look like.

9. Now you have to decide a few things here. Is this going to be a auction or a fixed price sale? Auction is just that, you pick a start price for the bids and go from there. You can also do what they call a "reserve price". Reserve price means that say I wanted to start this auction low like $10.00 but the lowest price I will accept is $40.00. When you use a reserve price buyers can start bidding low but the item will say reserve price untill it is met. Fixed price is you are selling a item for a set fee - no bidding simply "Buy it now". You need to figure out how long you are going to sell your item. The standard is 7 days but its totally up to you. Do you want to delay when you sell your item - the start date. Sometimes I use, this sometimes I don't. You really need to think about when you want your auction to end. Here are some things (tips) that I have learned over the years. The busiest online shopping days are Monday and Tuesday (go figure ppl go back to work and shop). So I like to end my auctions on either Monday or Tuesday. Now I also like to end it in the evening so that way more get to bid on it. Timing is key so you need to think about the different time zones. I like to have mine end between 10 - 11pm EST that way the folks in CA can get home eat dinner and get comfy for bidding. I never end on weekends and never on Thurs nights (alot of prime TV shows are on Thurday nights).

10. Ok here is where you decide how you would like it paid for. If you go paypal then make sure you have already open a paypal account. Make sure its verified on paypal (it makes you look more secure).

11. Let them know what your shipping info is - all the details. How much to ship, where you will ship it to (USA only or what other countries). Can they get insurance for the item in case it breaks in shipping?

12. Now you need to let the buy know what your requirements are. Do you need to charge sales tax? Do you accept returns and what are your return policy?

In the end my listing is going to cost me a total of $3.10 (you will see this at the end). How do I pay for this? Well it will be deducted from my paypal account.

In the end here is my listing (click to resize image). The action that started off as $40.00 ended up selling in a last minute bidding war for $62.00 (plus shipping and handling)

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Re: How to successfully list and sell on ebay

i once sold a $600 bag that i got for $100 something to some girl i met on ebay for over $200. she was in NYC from Cali or something...and we met up and she bought it. she'd been bugging me for a while about the bag saying she just needed it but couldn't afford what i was asking...the bag was amazing...i'm such a sucker. i let her have it but i did make a nice profit...if you know me at all you know how difficult it is for me to part with a handbag. *sad* but i knew it was getting a happy home. she was soooo happy when she saw it. yay! thanks for the tips though Smile

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