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How to Make an ROI Calculator?

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Alright, I've gotten no where...I'm turning to you for help. Beg / Praying How in the world do I create an ROI calculator for my {company's} website? I see them on other websites, i click View Page Source but it all looks Greek to me.
I bought a JS for dummies equivalent book and I am too impatient. I want to know only how to do this, not to understand the whole wide world of JS. (if i have to learn the "whole wide world of JS" to do this, i will) Isn't there a website with a tutorial or something?
I am open to using anything, it doesn't have to be JS! Just need to get one of these things on the website.
I have made the yucky equations on excel and the formulae are working great, but therein lies the problem, it is only on Excel...not on the website.
Here is an example of what i want to do. How did they do it?
many many x's and o's to whomever may know what direction i should go!!

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Re: How to Make an ROI Calculator?

yeah java is out of my boat of knowledge - I know little here. I did notice THIS in the source codes

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Re: How to Make an ROI Calculator?

That ROI calculator that you posted an example to is actually made out of Flash rather than java/javascript. Here's the direct link to it: Clicky

So if you wanted to try and clone something like that, you'd need to do it with Adobe Flash, but then you're back to square one, with trying to learn a whole new scripting language (such is the life of a programmer). If you know the formulae, you can do it in pretty much any language; Flash, Javascript, Java, PHP, any .NET flavor, old ASP, etc.

The language you use is also slightly dependent on the server Hosting the site you'll be showing it on, and the way you choose to code it also depends on how you want to display the results. i.e. Do you want it to show in realtime on the same page (like the Flash example)? Or do you want to have a new page show after the data is entered?

Basically the idea is to make a normal .htm page, add a form to it with all of the fields you need the person to enter their input on, and a submit button (if not doing it in realtime). The submit button can start the calculations and spit out the results to the user.

All of that said, if you have no experience doing all of this, and it all looks Greek to you right now, and you're in a time crunch to get it done, you might want to try and bribe a coder (it's not real hard so it doesn't' need to be a super-genius coder) somehow, and let him/her do it for ya. Smile

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Re: How to Make an ROI Calculator?

There is a site that will convert my excel calculator to JS but for 200 dollars even though it advertises 75. (One person suggested a freeware site but again i grew impatient on tucows bc it would show only unrelated items.) I'm trying to avoid that if possible, not because it would come out of my pocket (it wouldn't and we can afford it) but because i'm stubborn as h377 and want to prove to myself that i can do this.
But that link you posted SD about HTML forms looks very helpful and i intend on studying it today.
I think I could learn how to do it, if i just made myself have a little bit more patience...I think because of all the info-specific sites we have out there now-a-days i find it hard to settle with various sites that offer only pieces of the puzzle. you know? too often we google something and it tells us step by step EXACTLY what we want to know {how to do}. I have to reteach myself patience I gues *sigh* Laughing
Yes optimally i think Flash would actually be the way to go. But at this point i don't care if we have to have a Submit button and go with JS/HTML.
Thank you! i'll let you know how it turns out...
~karma: i'm countin on it~

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