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How To Create An Android Wallpaper

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As you know when you buy your Android phone you can change your wallpaper out. Now they come with a few wallpapers to choose from but it your like me then you want your own different one. There are sites that have wallpapers just for androids but you can also use your own photo or find a photo online.

The other day I purchased a cover for my phone that yes was all girly with cherry blossoms on it. Well none of the wallpapers that came with the phone worked. I knew I wanted a cherry blossom background so I googled for it. I found a cute picture that I liked:

I did find it works better if you find more of a square type of photo. Anyways I emailed it to my phone and then opened up the picture. You then have to save it to your phone then hit the menu button and choose to save it as a wallpaper. At that point you will get a crop box that you can drag around the screen to crop it how you would like to see it. Once I did that then this is what my wallpaper looked like:

As you can see it even slides to the next page nicely. Now when I rotate the screen the image rotates with it.

So you can see how there is no limitation to what you can create. Enjoy and get creative now!

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