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How do I fix a stuck pixel??

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I have a new LCD monitor and just noticed while playing SWTOR this weekend that it has a really annoying bright yellow pixel that stays there all the time. The crazy thing is I only see it when playing that game (I haven't looked with other games yet) and when I log out of the game I no longer see the pixel lit up in regular Windows. Does anyone know WHY it only shows in the game, and how to fix a stuck pixel? Thx!

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Re: How do I fix a stuck pixel??

Have you tried the "massage" technique? You can try taking a damp cloth or Microfiber cloth, so you don't accidentally scratch the screen, and gently press and rub the stuck pixel. Don't press TOO hard though. Sometimes this will fix the pixel.

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Re: How do I fix a stuck pixel??

No program needed, just:

  • Apply pressure to the stuck pixel with your finger, thumb, or I've heard a pencil eraser works great.
  • Turn your screen OFF and then ON.
  • It's as easy as that! Thumbs Up
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Re: How do I fix a stuck pixel??

For troubleshooting a stuck pixel (or stuck pixels) you can try this software: JScreenSix

Just go to the page and click the "Launch" button and it'll run a small Java script applet. Finding / fixing stuck pixels works best against a black background so you can find them easier, so the program will first ask you to Locate the stuck pixel, or pixels, by running the program as either a small black background'd window that you drag all over your screen until you find any, or you can just run the program full screen so your entire desktop is black (which is what I recommend). When or If you find any stuck pixels, you click the Fix tab in the program and that'll run a serious of color flashes that supposedly cracks that pixel upside the head until it falls into line again.

Fixing Stuck Pixels
Select either "Using window" or "Full Screen" from the bottom right, and then click the Locate button.

Fixing Stuck Pixels
Drag the black screen all over your monitor if you chose Using Window mode, or if you chose Full Screen Mode, just look at your screen, and see if you see any stuck pixels that needa fixin'

Fixing Stuck Pixels
If you found any stuck pixels, unfortunately, this app isn't free, but it also isn't expensive. It's about the price of an Android / iPhone / iPod app, but you would then run this tab's utility to fix any stuck pixels.

I can't say that I've personally used the Fix part of this software myself, to fix any stuck pixels, but the concept behind it's fixing routine is pretty common knowledge. You can also get a free, slightly less effective way to do the same thing by downloading the videos on their Resources Page: Stuck Pixel Fixing Tools Page


Play the videos in a media player with full screen mode and looping enabled. Stuck pixels are usually repaired within 1 hour.

As for the stuck pixel only showing in video games and not in regular windows, that IS weird, I'm guessing it might have something to do with it being DirectX / OpenGL? It'd be very hard to test / fix using any windows software since as soon as you tab out of the game I would assume the stuck pixel also disappears, so at the moment my best guess would be to give the pressing / massage techniques already mention a try, but do heed the advice of not pressing too hard; exactly how hard I'm not sure, but I have had an LCD monitor on one of my laptops crack when I had a spoon sitting on the keyboard and the lid mostly closed on top of it, and then my 16 lb. cat walked over the top of it. Angry so they CAN crack.

Shhh.. dont tell anyone, but we also have a private forum area with the really good stuff, see?

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