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Harry Potter loveeee.

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Okay so I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan... after all, it's what brought me and my best friend together and made us besties. But anyways, my first tattoo was a HP tattoo... alil disappointed that my spelling is so off that I missed one single letter that messed it up... but still. Does anyone have any other Harry Potter tattoos or ideas of something from the books that would make a good tattoo? I already have 'Morsmordre' and will be working on getting the dark mark. xD

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Re: Harry Potter loveeee.

Welcome to GD Amyy Big Grin

You should post a pic of your tatt(s), It'd be cool to see them. Personally i tend to lean toward the more "evil" side in movies/stories, so I'd end up getting something along those lines if I got a Harry Potter tatt. I'm still working on reading the books though, so I have no idea yet, Laughing.

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Re: Harry Potter loveeee.
STaRDoGG wrote:

=You should post a pic of your tatt(s), It'd be cool to see them.

Google GeekDrop is your friend Wink
I agree, I'd like to see them too!
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Re: Harry Potter loveeee.

Hey welcome to GD amy Smile

I'm a big Potter fan myself, good to know I might have someone else around to here to talk about it with Wink

I don't have tattoos, but if I wanted to get a Potter one, I would consider one of the coat of arms from whichever of the 4 houses you like best.
Also maybe one of the animals like Hedwig or a dragon or hippogryff.
If you just wanna go for words not pictures I think some of the spell incantations would be cool..."Luminos" seems like it would work.

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Re: Harry Potter loveeee.

HP tattoos is not a bad idea. I personally would go for pictures over words. I like the idea of the dark mark. Maybe a thestrial. Or a full back scene of Harry and SiriussiriusXM under attack by dementors at the lake. Or the bowl they look at memories in with a memory swirling around in it. That would be a little hard though. I might have to give this some thought. I might need a HP tattoo.

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