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Gmail: Error: Your action was unsuccessful. Please try again.?

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I am getting the Error - Your action was unsuccessful. Please try again. popup window dialog message when I try to send or save a draft of an email in gmail. I have double checked all my fields and everything is filled out correctly -- does anyone know why I am getting this error and how to fix it? TY Confused

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Re: Gmail: Error: Your action was unsuccessful. Reset Sessions

Your action was unsuccessful. Please try again.

Try resetting your gmail sessions, this usually works for me whenever I have any unusual Gmail issues.

How To Reset Gmail Session
In your Gmail account, look to the lower right for the "Details" link, and clicky ...


Reset Gmail Sessions
On the next page click the "Sign out of all other gmail sessions" button, and for extra measure sign out of your current session as well by clicking your normal logout link, then log back in.

Shhh.. dont tell anyone, but we also have a private forum area with the really good stuff, see?

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