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GeeKDrops October 2009 Contest (Ended)

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The Drop!
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This contest has ended - congrats to our winners - to see who won please see THIS thread :)

Stay tune for the next contest!


1st Place:

  • SuperAntiSpyware Professional License registered in your name.
  • 1st Place Winner's Unique Gold Trophy Badge
  • 1 Free Month of GeekDrop Premium Membership

2nd Place:

  • 2nd Place Winner's Unique Silver Trophy Badge
  • 1 Free Month of GeekDrop Premium Membership

3rd Place:

  • 1 Free Month of GeekDrop Premium Membership

Time Frame:

Starts On: Thursday October 1st at 9am EST
Ends On: Wednesday October 14th at 10pm EST

This Contest is for the following Forums Only:

Create a post in one of the forums listed above. The post has to be either a tutorial type / helpful type of post or a discussion type of thread. You'll be judged on how active your thread is.

Once your thread is posted you'll need to comment in this thread that you are in now, and that this is your entry thread(s).

I’m in: “How to gain more friends in myspace”


I’m in:

Please either hyperlink your thread name or post the URL to your thread(s).


  • The thread(s) must be 50 words or more.
  • You are being judged on how active your thread is. For every comment that you receive you'll receive 1 point. You can only get 1 point per member per thread. If for example, MissB makes 4 comments in your thread, she'll only be counted as 1 vote. Who can comment in your thread? Anyone but you. Site staff can comment, but just like members, their comments only count once. We encourage multiple posts by the same members and thread discussions, but each member will only be counted once per thread.
  • Any "Anonymous" comments that you might get will not be counted in the contest, as we have no way to check who left them. To encourage any "Anonymous" users to register to help you out, we suggest if you know them (maybe they told you via personal email or something that they would) that you ask them to register before commenting. We also might add a note at the bottom of each contest thread saying "This thread is part of out current Geekdrop contest. If you're an anonymous visitor and found this thread helpful please register (it's free) and help the writer of the thread by posting in it". That tag will be removed after the contest is over.
  • There are a few additional rules (please also see these general rules, for all contests).
  • Once you post your thread you CAN NOT comment in it until the contest is over. That means no replying to a comment in hopes of drumming up more comments, or trying to "bump" your thread. Posting a comment in your thread during the contest will disqualify it! Once the contest is over then you may post away in your thread.
  • In order for the comment to count it has to be a real comment. Comments such as "Great thread" don’t count. However comments that say "Great thread XXXX. I never thought about doing XXXXX to get more friends but I will try it out" will count. It has to be a true comment. Geekdrop staff have the final say if the comment is a true comment or not.
  • Only threads posted between the contest dates of Thursday October 1st at 9am EST and Wednesday October 14th at 10pm EST are eligible. You cannot enter an older thread in the contest.
  • If you do not post in this thread, your "I’m in" (see examples above) the thread will not count as a contest thread, as we have no way of knowing if you intended this to be a contest thread. Don’t assume that we'll know it's in the contest if you don't post it as being an entree.

Some tips to help you win

  • How can you increase your chance of winning? Well, encourage your non GeekDrop friends to join the site and comment on your thread. Remember, by using our invitation system you even get bonus Drops (user points) per successful invitation! (Not related to the GeekDrop contest however).
  • Encourage your friends here (via PM or shout box) to vote for you.
  • Post your thread on your social sites, such as Facebook and Myspace, to encourage your friends to read it, join Geekdrop and comment.
  • Submit more than one thread. The more good threads you submit, the greater your chances someone will see one that strikes their fancy. Remember however, your points aren't accumulated across threads. Only the points for the comments in each thread counts. We'll take the one with the most points as your winning thread.
  • The earlier you start the thread the more chances you are at getting others to comment. So post early, and spread the good word!

How many times can you enter the contest? As many times as you want.
As long as the thread meets the criteria above you can enter it in. Each thread is a separate entry. If you post 4 threads and you get a total of 44 votes they do not count as a combine total, but individually: (example: thread A: 9 votes, thread B: 11 votes, thread C: 13 votes & thread D: 11 votes).

If you have any questions please post them in this thread: clicky
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