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Facebook to become more like Twitter?

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I was reading today that Facebook CEO Zuckerberg has announced a redesign that will make the social networking site more like Twitter. Facebook profiles will change and updates will be faster (real time capabilities). He is looking to make Facebook more business and high profile friendly. This roll out is set for unveiling on March 11th. You can expect to see the change immediately upon logging in. The new homepage will allow you to see everything in real time from all friends and "connections" as it happens. Zuckerberg also promises more control by the user in "who sees what and who does not." He continues in saying that among other things, users will be able to filter update streams from specific groups including the ability to follow celebrities (in a one way connection), friends (two way connection) and businesses (customer friendly profiles) much like Twitter. I was interested to hear that the "new" facebook will be highly user friendly in the sense that you can stay small and intimate with just a handful of friends/connections or go big (5,000+ connections).

let the countdown begin.........

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Re: Facebook to become more like Twitter?
I've never use twitter, but this sounds pretty cool. Can't wait to try it out.

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Re: Facebook to become more like Twitter?

I'm excited about this as well. I recently had to make a page for my job, so I'm excited to see what changes come..

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