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Dancing Baby Does Somba - Real or Fake?

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1rosariomaria's picture
Re: Dancing Baby Does Somba - Real or Fake?

I think the video was blurred because ITS FROM BRASIL, they dont have acces to alot of tech like other countries. If the Baby is from Brasil then yes this is a real video, a real baby, real dance moves ect because Brasil knows how to get dwn.

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Re: Dancing Baby Does Somba - Real or Fake?

Don't be silly!!! Of course Brazilians have access to tech products. Brazil has very industrialised parts. Plus middle income developing countries (which Brazil is) maybe adopt tech products quicker than developed countries do, because they are such a status symbol. I know because I come from one such country, and having lived in the US and the UK, I would go back home and discover that there are more cell phones per capita (in the 1990s) and more Blackberrys per capita (currently) in my home country than in the US / UK.

Roof's picture
Re: Dancing Baby Does Somba - Real or Fake?

Babies are like sponges. You wouldn't believe the things you can teach them at a very young age and you wouldn't believe the things they will pick up from observing those around them.

That is one rocking little dude!

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Re: Dancing Baby Does Somba - Real or Fake?

I'm definately going with real. That is not a baby. He's atleast twoish, and he's gettin' down.

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Re: Dancing Baby Does Somba - Real or Fake?

I have never seen a baby dance as good as this one did. So, to me it is unique, but i have seen little kids dance. The baby lives around alot of people that dance somba and it's a fun dance,catchy and fun to watch. Well, givin' that they live in another country, you'de be surprised what kids can do and they're amazing at what they can do.Laughing....and then again there's talking baby on the high chair and technology to make that baby talk, there might be something wierd about the Somba baby looking digital n' all, but then you may never know if their cameras aren't as great as others. I give this vid. a thumbs up, i believe it is real.
".. there is something that is awesome about it~~~A Friend

BamBam's picture
Re: Dancing Baby Does Somba - Real or Fake?

If this baby is really dancing like that - I can't WAIT to see how he moves when he's older! Very talented little baby! I know I haven't seen any baby with moves like that! I'm figuring it's real because the timing is not "perfect" but MAN, he is GREAT!!! You GO little man! Cute, cute, cute! Your parents must be proud!

fezline's picture
Re: Dancing Baby Does Somba - Real or Fake?

Ummmm.. it would be incredibly unusal. A baby that age wouldn't have developed it's fine motor skills to that level... some people live all their lives and can never have that degree of control over their fine motor skills... so yeah.. this would be a seriously unusual if it were real... This is not real by any stretch of the imagination and the best dancing I have seen from a baby is bobing their head up and down or waving their hands up and down... Your willingness to not only claim this as legit but to also call it normal makes me wonder what planet you have been living on

ebonywater's picture
Re: Dancing Baby Does Somba - Real or Fake?

I think this is absolutely adorable. I have no reason to think it's fake. He lives in a culture where ppl dance constantly. He's just doing what he sees done. so so cute!!!

asiguaw's picture
Re: Dancing Baby Does Somba - Real or Fake?

Of course it's real, anyone who has babies would know that. Why is it questioned, because of the longevity of the dancing? Laughing

Rudy P's picture
Rudy P
Re: Dancing Baby Does Somba - Real or Fake?

It's's Brazil, most likely he sees his female relatives dancing. They all shake their booties over there.

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