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Ben Affleck is the next Batman ...


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Re: Ben Affleck is the next Batman ...

Helllllllll NO! Who the F$%* is in charge of casting these movies? He was horrible as Daredevil already ...

Ben Affleck SUCKED as Daredevil, so they cast him as Batman?

Look at those ishty ratings ... $179,179,718 Box Office makings after spending $78 million to produce it, followed by those ratings shows that it made well over double what it cost to make, so it was great for the money-makers, but the ratings show that after spending their money on it, the moviegoers thought it sucked. To me that says the people in charge of this upcoming Batman movie are only after the almighty profit rather than producing a movie people will actually LIKE.

What they really need to do is get someone who's sketchy in real life already to play the part, and play it serious, and dark, not some vanilla, borefest type of guy like Ben Affleck. If I were casting it, I might even dip into unknown actors, or even create a new actor out of someone believable ... maybe a well known MMA fighter as an example. Get Chuck Liddell in there as Batman, or someone as badass and serious as he is, but more capable of speaking the English language fluently for the Bruce Wayne parts, Laughing. Everyone would believe him beating arse as Batman, but he'd be a dumb as a door-nail Bruce Wayne (but you get my drift). Wink

Shhh.. dont tell anyone, but we also have a private forum area with the really good stuff, see?

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Re: Ben Affleck is the next Batman ...

Ugggggghh! Ben affleck is the most boring actor EVERRRR! OMFG Dude! Grrrr!

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