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Author: V.C. Andrews

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V.C. Andrews is one of my "guilty pleasures." Her style of writing is shameless, and I absolutely love it. I used to read her often in my early high school years. However, recently I caught the movie Flowers in the Attic on cable and it inspired me to re-read the Dollanganger series.

The movie differs very much from the book, and actually winds up being a flop and unpopular with V.C. Andrews fans. The movie plays down the whole incest relationship to a point of non-existent.

Yes, I said it incest! A totally disturbing series, but intriguing at the same time. You'll want to keep reading and see how far this bizarre and "unholy" relationship will go. Will they ever find true happiness in others? Will they exact their revenge on the mother that locked them up and unintentionally caused such closeness?

I think it's a must read for any person that doesn't mind a little scandal. What's your favorite V.C. Andrews?

**An interesting note: V.C. Andrews actually died in 1986 from breast cancer. Since then, her estate hired a ghost writer with the same style in writing to continue on her legacy.

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Re: Author: V.C. Andrews

I read that book a long long time ago, and I loved it. I also read the follow up, Petals on the Wind, also excellent, but the 3rd one, If There Be Thorns I felt wasn't as good. I saw the movie too and I agree with you, it was nothing like the book at all, the whole incest thing basically didn't exist in the movie. It certainly didn't do the book any justice whatsoever.

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Re: Author: V.C. Andrews
I agree "If There be Thorns" wasn't that great. I totally didn't dig the whole children's perspective. Sex sells man, and there just wasn't enough of that in there. "Seeds of Yesterday" was ok. It's sort of the closure book. So you get to see the 'flowers' all withered and dying.

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Re: Author: V.C. Andrews

i read the novel and saw the movie years ago. both good imo. that is, if you don't mind being a little creeped out by the incest...okay VERY creeped out. still though, an excellent read.

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Re: Author: V.C. Andrews
I :love that series, as well as all her other books/series. Makes me wanna go dig them out....

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Re: Author: V.C. Andrews

I haven't read or seen the movie, but my husband has and loves them. I know it isn't really a "guy book", but he has always told me I should read it. Maybe I will now that it got such good reviews here.

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Re: Author: V.C. Andrews

I am a HUGE V.C. Andrews fan!! "My Sweet Audrina" shows how demented she could be! Unfortunately when she passed away all the books after followed the same formula but without the twisted spark! I read them anyway!!

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