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How to Upload A FaceBook Video To YouTube

Here's an easy tutorial on how to grab a video off of Facebook and place it on Youtube.

To do this you'll be needing:

Once you've installed the Firefox extension, and restarted your browser, go to the video on Facebook that you want. You'll see these new links added by the extension:

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Volume Not Working on Laptop

My volume in not working on the laptop, in particular youtube videos, any ideas? The volume is turned on, is there something else I can try?

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How to put a Youtube video on facebook

I want to put a youtube video on my facebook, how do I do that?

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how to get on youtube at school

My work sent me back to school and I go two nights a week. The class is a total waste of time and the only good part is that I have a computer there. I tried to get onto youtube but its blocked. How do I get on youtube at school?

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Download Any Video or Extract Any Audio From YouTube With One Easy Click

I have found a great little program that is not only free but user friendly and easy. With one click you can download any YouTube video or extract any audio from a YouTube Video. Just think if you have a favorite Musical video and you would love that song on your MP-3 player now you can do that. One click and you can download the audio of that Youtube.

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How To Set A YouTube Video To Start At A Certain Time or Point

Ever want to send someone a youtube video link where you only want them to see a specific part and not the whole thing?

Here's how:

Add the following hash to the end of the link: "#t=1m20s" where "m" = the minutes and "s" = the seconds.
For example heres a video that is 1 minute and 45 seconds long, I only want to show the part that begins at 1 minute and 19 seconds till the end.

Full video link looks like this:

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