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Lawyers are ruining America (and the internet) for us all

Lawyers are ruining America (and the internet) for us all.

Facebook email notice wrote:


We have removed your video entitled (no title) uploaded at 11:05pm November 9th, 2012. This video may include copyrighted material (such as a clip or audio) that you do not have the right to share.

If you think your video should not have been removed because:
(1) you are the copyright owner, or
(2) you have permission from the copyright owner to upload and distribute this material on Facebook, or

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How Do I Post a Youtube Video Response? - (Tutorial)

Having trouble figuring out how to post a Youtube video response to another Youtube user's video?


Youtube doesn't make it very obvious, so if you've never done one and are having trouble finding the "button" to post a video response, it's easy.

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What is the best Tube site for porn?

Does anyone know of any good porn tube sites? Like youtube but for porn?

I saw this thread: What is the best torrent site for porn about porn torrents but wanted to ask in a porn tube thread instead.

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Remember Kids! Don't Drink And Vlog!

Perfect example on why you do NOT want to get shet stinkin drunk and make youtube videos of yourself ... haha! I love this guy!

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VidMe is a new video site going live today. It lets people share videos privately with only people that you chose to view it. While videos on Facebook and YouTube can be set to where only certain people can see them, the process on VidMe is simpler because the purpose of this site is to keep your videos private as opposed to sharing them with everyone and anyone, as is usually the case on other sites.

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What other websites offer video besides YouTube?

are there any other websites out there besides youtube that offer a wide variety of videos like they do?

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Happy 5th Birthday YouTube

Who knew that YouTube is only 5 years old today?

Belive it or not they are only five. They start off as 3 guys idea and they sold it a few years ago to Google for 1.2 BILLION!!! I think we can all say there has been youtube videos that have made us giggle and some that have shot folks into stardom. You can find anything on YouTube. Here are some great ones and some odd ones:

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How To Upload a Video To YouTube

Here's an easy beginners tutorial on how to add a video on YouTube.

To do this you'll be needing:

  • A web browser. Whichever browser you prefer. We recommend Firefox.
  • Any video(s) you wish to upload to YouTube.
Navigate to YouTube in your web browser, login to your YouTube account and click the "Upload" link:

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Funniest YouTube Video [NSFW]

Have you ever seen one of those videos that made you laugh so hard you thought you were going to pee your pants? Laughed so hard your sides hurt? This video kills me - I was totally in tears laughing:

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