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World Of Warcraft Mouse for the Uber Geek

Check this mouse out, pointed out to me by my old WoW Guildmate, Evil Monkey.

It's a custom made mouse for World Of Warcraft with a mega arse-ton of buttons and options.

World Of Warcraft Game Mouse
And here's the configuration software for it. It even has the same look as the game. Pretty slick.
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Huge Changes for World Of Warcraft (expansion)

Want to be one of these?

Well You will be in the new expansion. Since I don't play I wont begin to explain the news so here go read:

Massive new expansion will change Warcraft's world


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World Of Warcraft now in Print

Well tomorrow August 21st the World Of Warcraft Magazine goes on sale

world of warcraft wow magazine

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Sam Raimi to direct World Of Warcraft Movie

Not that I play this but I guess at least a couple of the 50 million or so that do would be interested. Not sure when this news broke but my WoW addict friend just told me so I thought I'd pass it along.


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WoW players can soon switch sides

Yep you got that right if you're a Alliance or Horde you can soon change it and jump to the other side. According to Blizzard the creaters of World Of Warcraft


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Talk about Spazoids! Warcraft kid goes nuts!

I don't know if this is fake, but if its not, the kid needs some time out on the farm or camping or some thing.
I particularly like the part during the spaz he tries to stick his TV remote up his a**. Not sure what its trying to prove, but the fact he motioned to it, made the whole video Tongue

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World of Warcraft

World of warcraft hacks cheats exploits

Ok, no geek forum should be without a WoW thread!
Who here plays? If so, which realm and what faction? PvE, PvP, or RP? Don't forget the screenshots! Big Grin


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