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Windows Shortcuts

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How can I run multiple programs with one shortcut (for games)?

Hello! I play games a lot and when I do I almost always need to start at least 3 programs each time. The game itself, Teamspeak and Dxtory. Can anyone help me find a way to start all of them at once with a single shortcut or click? A launcher app or something? I would be MOST grateful!

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Create a Shortcut to Windows Disk Cleanup

Windows doesn't make finding it's own Cleanup Utility very easy, does it? So your friends here on GeekDrop are going to show you how to quickly create a shortcut to it right on your desktop, which of course can then be moved wherever else you want it, if not on the Desktop. So, here are the steps to Create a Shortcut to Windows Disk Cleanup:

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Alphabetize Your Favorites (menu)

Ever want to alphabetize your favorites menu ? Here's how.

Internet Explorer 7 & 8

Click on favorites, then right click any folder or link. When the menu pops up choose "Sort by Name".


Go to View, Sidebar, then Bookmarks

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Minimize All Windows At Once

Ever sit at your desk in work or at home and you're surfing the net when you really shouldn't be, you hear someone coming Biting Nails Here's a quick way to minimize windows all at once, very simple, ready??

Hit the start button & M simultaneously.


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