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How to Upload A FaceBook Video To YouTube

Here's an easy tutorial on how to grab a video off of Facebook and place it on Youtube.

To do this you'll be needing:

Once you've installed the Firefox extension, and restarted your browser, go to the video on Facebook that you want. You'll see these new links added by the extension:

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How To Download, Embed, or Convert FaceBook Videos

So you've found a video on Facebook that you either want to keep (download to your computer), post on another website, and/or convert to some other format (for free).

There's an easy way to do any of these. You'll be needing:

  • Firefox
  • This Firefox extension
  • Greasemonkey (optional, see below)
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How To Convert A .MTS Video For Free

This past week I purchased a Sony HD video camera. Its easy to use and I really like it...until I found it uses only .MTS format. Well Sony isn't the only one who uses this so does Cannon. Let me tell you I'm not so thrilled with that. First you can't upload to YouTube and it wont play with VLC Media player (unless you like choppy videos). It does however play with Windows Live Media Player. You can edit it with "Windows Live Movie Maker" but then it saves it as a .wlmp format. So I though OK let me just convert it. That was n

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How to Compress In-Game Movies Created With FRAPS

If anyone else out there is like me and likes to use FRAPS to record their in game footage while playing their favorite games then you will know that the video you get from recording can get quite large and make it hard to do anything with those files other than view them on your own computer.

So I decided to put up a small tutorial on how to compress these files into something a bit more managable.

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Download Any Video or Extract Any Audio From YouTube With One Easy Click

I have found a great little program that is not only free but user friendly and easy. With one click you can download any YouTube video or extract any audio from a YouTube Video. Just think if you have a favorite Musical video and you would love that song on your MP-3 player now you can do that. One click and you can download the audio of that Youtube.


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