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Recommending a Great DVD Player! Plays DivX for torrents, USB for Flash & External drives, HD & CHEAP!

OMFG! Dancing So, I thought I would pass this little gem on. I got a new DVD player (actually I got two of them) after a good friend bought some and loved them. Here's a link to it, below.

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New iMAC! Need Help! How do I use my NTFS USB Drive?

Hi everyone, I just got a new iMac and I plugged in my external USB hard drive, I can read and copy files from it, but then I can't delete anything off of it? I'm told it's because it's formatted as NTFS, how can I make my new Mac use my drive as it is without formatting it just for macs? I'd like to still be able to put photos, music, etc. on it that I'd be able to plug into and view on PC's. Is there some easy (preferably free) way to do this?

Way to make Macs user-friendly, Apple! Frustrated

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USB Won't Install My Device!

I finally got my USB to re-detect my device thanks to STaRDoGG's instructions (mod note: Fix USB Detect Problems | Solution | Tutorial) but now it keeps telling me that it can't install the device drivers for it, it says error. Does anyone have any usefully advice? Thank you!

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USB Won't Detect My Device!

HELP! I bought a new USB device, plugged it in, got the popup in my Windows tray area saying it was installing the device drivers and then after a long wait it said it couldn't install the device's drivers. Now whenever I unplug and plug the device back into the USB port I hear the plugged-in sound but nothing else happens so I can't re-try to install the drivers for the device! When I unplug it from the USB port I also heat the unplugged sound, so I KNOW my computer is detecting it, it just won't install the drivers.

Please help!

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Kickass Invention! USB Copulates with Wall Outlet, Gives Birth to Bouncing Baby USB-Wallplug!

Dude, how cool is this?! ThinkGeek has merged a standard wall power outlet, the kind we all (in America) plug everything into, with USB charging ports!

Check it out!

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How To Upgrade Your Computer To USB 3.0

How To Upgrade to USB 3.0

I installed a USB 3.0 card on my computer and let me tell ya the speeds. Transferring from a internal hard drive to a external USB 3.0 hard drive a file that was 2.08GB took a total of 24 seconds, I ran the test twice. Smile

The upgrade wasn't that expensive to do

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