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Enjoy your Blu-ray movies on iPhone

As we know, Blu-ray movies is becoming a hot topic nowadays. If you are a movie lover, you would like to enjoy the fantastic effect of Blu-ray movies. We can rent the latest movies from the shop and enjoy them on our PC. While there still exist problems, if we want to enjoy the movies on go anytime. How can we solve this trouble?

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DVD - Pirated vs Buying

I saw this picture and it made me laugh

Then I thought about it and its true, I mean how annoying is it that you are forced to watch 10 lbs of crap before the movie starts? I mean if you want it on the disk add it at the very end so I have the choice to watch or not watch. In my opinion they are pirating my time forcing me to watch all of that when that is NOT what I paid for. Does it annoy you also?

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Twilight Saga: New Moon Review

Okay, so let me set the scene: I'm a young male that was convinced to read all 4 Twilight books. I had mixed emotions about the books. The story was okay, but whatshername isn't the best writer. I saw Twilight, and thought it was an okay movie. Of course, nothing like the book, so I went into this movie expecting the same thing. My date thought it would we fun to go to the midnight show at the local place, and naturally I gave in eventually. (Oh the things we'll do for you ladies).

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Twilight - Vampires don't SPARKLE

Since the new movies is about to open I thought I would post some pics that I found funny.........


In the new movie "The Box" a man gives a couple a box press the button for a million dollars-but someone dies. Would you?

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Sam Raimi to direct World Of Warcraft Movie

Not that I play this but I guess at least a couple of the 50 million or so that do would be interested. Not sure when this news broke but my WoW addict friend just told me so I thought I'd pass it along.


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Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

This second installment of the Transformers franchise has surpassed my expectations. Jam pack a movie with action, sprinkle it with a little humor, and add an epic plot...then you'll have yourself Transformers: Revenge of the fallen.

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Where To Watch TV Shows and The Latest Full Movies For Free Online

How many of you sometimes miss your favorite TV shows? I tend to miss the one or 2 shows I love when they are actually on, and I unfortunately do not have DVR. So what do I do? I head on over to my favorite website to play catch up... Hulu7 day free trial of Hulu Plus has a ton of tv shows and movies you can watch for free all in nice one convenient place. My daughter is constantly on this site watching all kinds of stuff. Go check it out, I think you'll Heart it!

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Total Chick flicks

Have you ever sat down to watch a total chick flick knowing your going to cry your eyes out?
So for some time I have had the movie "The Notebook".


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