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aLaunch / aLunch - Mac Application and File Launcher

aLaunch/aLunch is a cool little program you can set up to launch any of your applications and/or file folders and is accessed by the status menu on your Mac.

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Decorating Your MAC With A Skin

Ok I'm a big fan of decorating up your computer to make it more personal. Well I also know that the MAC computers do have a cool glowing apple in the middle so that limits you unless you want to cover it up and who wants to do that. Well now you have some cool options in MAC skins to show off that apple:

Vinylville at Etsy

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Get A Mac Commercials

I am ROFL about this commercial, this is the first time I have seen this PC vs Mac commercial with Mr. Bean in it, it's just one of the many that have been voted the best Mac commercials!

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How To Validate Fonts On A Mac

When fonts go bad or corrupt on your Mac they can cause all sorts of problems like shutting down your graphics program when you select that particular font.

All Mac's come equipped with an application called Font Book. To find out which fonts are good and which ones are bad we can run the validation option available in Font Book.

To find Font Book, open up your Applications folder, find Font Book and double click to open it.

The Font Book lists all the fonts that are installed on your Mac.

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Syncing Mac Address Book With Google/Yahoo Contacts

Syncing Mac Address Book With Google / Gmail / Yahoo Contacts

This is a new feature in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and now you can sync your Mac Address Book contacts to your Google or Yahoo Account, virtually eliminating the need to purchase Mobile Me.

To set this up:

  • Open Address Book - from the dock, not from your Mail:app account
  • Click on "Address Book" and "Preferences"
  • Click on "Accounts"
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After 20 Years, Maryland Man's Mac IICI Finally Dies

This article just goes to show ya how hearty a MAC is!!
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