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High School Student suing Amazon over Kindle

So much for the dog eating your homework excuse now some can say well AmazonAmazon deleted it off the KindleAmazon. Well now a kid is sueing (class action lawsuit). He spent the summer doing a summer reading assignment on the book "1984" when all of a sudden KindleAmazon deleted it. It pulled that book and the book "Animal Farm" both written by Orwell. Not only did they stop selling it in thier store but they went in and remotely removed it from kindles that were already purchased. They did refund the money that users had paid for it.

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Buyers Remorse

So wired did a story on ppl having "Buyers Remorse" that products they though would last them years are only being replaced after a few months - is this fair to the consumer. I know we always want the newest most best product but some times I think the manufactures jump the guns to put a product out there only to come out with a upgrade product a few months later. Its almost like there needs to be a technology etiquette. I know microsoft tends to come out with a new OS like every 3 years or so, I think that is fair. I know that office 2007 seam

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Take that Kindle!

If you're tired of carrying around books, and you're not interested in spending $300 or more to carry around a digital book....than be glad you have your iPhone! That's right, I'm posting something for iPhone (big whoop, you wanna fight about it). But being a bookworm, I think this might be iPhone's most promising feature yet. You can choose from these apps:

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Amazon's Kindle ebook lookout

So if your in the market to purchase one of those KindleAmazon ebooks you might want to really do your homework. It seams that AmazonAmazon in its improvements to the kindles may have back fired.


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