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Apple iTunes AppStore Keeps Asking for / Won't Remember My Password!

Every time I try to update an app from the Apple Appstore in my iPad it asks me to enter my Appstore password and it's extremely annoying! Angry Frustrated Is there some way to have it remember my password so that I don't need to keep entering it?

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Apple iTunes App Store keeps forgetting my password!

I just got a new iPad and even though I've already entered my email and password many times, every time I try to update an app in the app store it keeps telling me to re-enter my password! I use really complicated passwords so this sucks! Is there some way to get it to asking me??

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Need help with my iPod

I recently bought a new laptop because my mom didnt want me downloading music and what not on her computer. My iPod updated and erased everything so now there's nothing on it. I'm trying to put the music I have on my computer on it but my laptop doesnt recognize it. I looked under my devices and it's under the category unspecified. All it says is Apple mobile device USB driver. It sees that it's an iPod but that it's. My friend told me to try all of the USB ports but that didn't work. Any idea how to fix this? Help is greatly appreciated!

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Accidentally Uninstalled Bonjour?

hey guys, i have just uninstalled the bonjour program from my pc. from what I've read, maybe i shouldn't have done that . what's my best course of action, now? your very airheaded friend. juliek


Have you ever purchased a song off of iTunes?

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Can't drag playlists to my iPod in iTunes

I used to be able to drag my playlists to my ipod to transfer the songs to it, but now it just shows me the circle with a line through it?

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How to Fix iTunes in Windows 7 64 bit OS

When changing over from Vista 64 bit to Windows 7 64 bit was easy except for iTunes. I did a lot of digging and I found the issue posted all over the web with no real fixes. Well here is how I fixed mine.

Now first I did go from Vista 64bit to Windows 7 64 bit. Once I reinstalled itunes I simply just had to go into it click on "Store" up in the upper left hand corner and then to "Authorize Computer". Now for some reason it will authorize it as if its on the a different computer (it will say its the second computer)


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