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So, Who has iOS5 now, and had some time to play around with it?

I've heard round the campfire that iOS5 has been released, and there were some troubles with installations, etc., anyone get it installed and got to use it at all yet? I'm curious to know if it held up to all the hoopla and hubbub? Cool new features? Improvements in old ones, and such?

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Arrange Icons Alphabetically on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch - How To

How to Alphabetically Arrange Icons on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch


I Averaged: 3.1 | 8 votes
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How To ReOrder iPhone Apps, iPod Touch Apps and iPad Applications

How To Move and Re- Order iPhone Apps, iPod Touch Apps and iPad Applications

Move and Re- Order iPhone Apps, iPod Touch Apps and iPad Applications

I Averaged: 4 | 1 vote
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How To Uninstall iPhone Apps - and iPod Touch Apps

How To Uninstall iPhone Apps - and iPod Touch Apps. I believe this is also the same process for iPad apps as well

Uninstall iPhone apps, uninstall iPod touch apps, and iPad

  1. Uninstalling iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad(?) apps is a simple thing to do. Just tap & hold any app's icon.

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How do I uninstall iPhone apps?

I just got a new iphone for christmas and installed a bunch of apps to play with and now my iPhone desktop is cluttered with apps I don't plan to use again. I dont see how to uninstall them though, can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

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Are You Ugly? There's An App For That!

Are You Ugly? There's An App For That!

Want to know if you, or your friends are butt arse ugly? Need to know if your beer goggles are working overtime before you take that person home from the bar? Got a cocky friend who thinks they're the hottest thing to ever grace the planet Earth?


Grab a copy of the iPhone app named "Ugly Meter Pro" ...

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Instagram Photo Sharing For Your iPhone

Instagram is a fun & quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your iPhone, then choose a filter to transform the look and feel of the shot into a memory to keep around forever. We’re building the platform to allow you to experience moments in your friends’ lives through pictures as they happen. We imagine a world more connected through images of what happens around them – whether through friends or people across the world.

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A WTF iPhone charger

OK to some their iPhone is their lifeline and plugging it in to charge is like breathing life back into it. Who are we kidding its a CELL PHONE!!!! Well here is a Japanese company that has taken the iPhone charger to a whole new level.

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Great app for Iphone - ZumoCast

I just recently got an iphone 4 and I gotta say I'm loving it! Probably my favorite app so far that I grabbed is an app called ZumoCast What this app does is allow you to stream all your music, video, etc right from your home computer to your iphone! If your like me you have tons of mp3's on your computer and instead of taking all your iphones space with all your music locally on your phone you can simply access your home computer through this app and stream your music and video right to your phone. It works great!


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