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Well, got an invite from Smartmom so I figured I would check this place out. So many forums to keep up with! Someone should make a website to compile all your forums you're a part of! I'm not a real talkative person...sometimes. I love online communities and social networking sites!

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Well howdy

Uh, hi. Some of you already know me. I'm p to the izzl, or pizzle or p or just whatever. Anyway, Smartmom sent me an invite and I decided to pop on over. I like what I see so far.

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Hello from a new member

Hi there...My name is Joey. I am from KY. Looking forward to learning from your community. Anyhow anyone reading this I would sincerely hope that you would add me at myspace and mobsters. My URL is [Admin - moved to profile]

Thanks and stop in a say hi sometime


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Hi Im new here

I just want to know where I need to go to get some cake...or maybe a few cookies

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Well its taken me a while to get here, but here i am Thanks for the invite SM!!


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Gooday everyone

from Oz (Australia). Op system is Windows. Know STaRDoGG from way back, and by the avatar also Me in Wonderland (Nit), still got crumbs on that keyboard, or barking up the wrong tree.

Got the site from irc where some of the old crew hang out. Thanks to jim.

Shout if ya need me.


PS - seems Klink has dropped off the planet (for those that know/knew him)

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Hello all

Hello all,
I made my way to this site because I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with a particular main contributor here and I would like to keep in with people who are positive!
Woop Woop!
I run a friendly Mac.
I also have a few PCs...
I try to avoid touching them Smile
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Thanks to Smartmom for the invite and a hello to everyone else. I'm a PC user, single-mom, work in the entertainment industry...not THAT kind of entertainment...action sports industry. I'm here to keep up on the latest and greatest. Love to smartmom!

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me nombre es David Suave

Hey all.....Smoothie made it. Most of you should already know me as the Photobucket hacker...haha. Well, yea....I'm here.

Can't stay on long tonight...have to work on a set/demo for a huge party I'm headlining in May in Tucson!!

Glad to be part of this and am available to help anybody with whatever. Oh...and CritterKeeper is hot and makes my blood run funny from time to time. Wink

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Well since most have done a introduction I thought I would do one also. I know that most know me here but hey some don't. Plus its kinda nice to get to know the admin on the site, I'm one of the moderators on GeekDrop.


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