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New Me

hi guys~ i'm new here, be free to chat with me.. any one is allowed, i'm looking forward to chat with you guys Smile

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looking for help and giving as much help i can

Im new to all this I've been looking up thing that one can do with there cell phone since I don't have a computer or laptop anymore I use my cell for every thing .. right now I need some help to find out what this link is it got on one of my contacts on my cell as there Wed page I have search Google ask yahoo Zulu and more I get nothing back on I know personally that this contact dose not have this website so if anyone can tell me what its for about I would really love it....

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Hi All ! Im new here , let's shake it

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new member

hey ever body...
its me shah jehan you can call me sjta also,i recently join this site,its cooool one....

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erm.. hi ?

hey, geekdrop said that it is nice to introduce myself so i am Angel i just like expanding my knowledge and making friends if you are into either of them, i would really like to talk to you Big Grin

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hi am new

hi yall am john. cool site yall have going on.

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Hello all... My first Introduction

Hello To all member of geekdrop forum

I am new in here.. so please take a good care of me while i still in here...
My Simple Detail :-

  • Name : Mohd Asyrafie
  • Age : 21 ( 2012 )
  • From : Malaysia
  • Job: Student
  • Reason to be in here : Study to learn a new thing

Sorry for my bad english..
That's all for now..

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Just wanted to say Hello!! and also thanks for all the info

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hi,im neenee and im new,ive been having issue with people not liking me,and weight loss issues.

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Google leads me in the strangest places ...

I was surfing through some Google results and by way of a couple of odd links, found my way to this forum. I recognized a few names and thought I'd pop in and say "Howdy!" to SDC and other PC kinfolk from back in the day. Wave


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