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Howard Stern

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Tom Arnold Announces AWESOME New Reality TV Show on the Howard Stern Show!

Success is... uhhhhhhhhhh. Laughing

I Averaged: 3 | 2 votes
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SiriusXM Promo Codes: Big List

So you're interested in listening to Howard SternsiriusXM before he retires? Or just interested in buying or trying out SiriusXMsiriusXM? Well, we've got some killer promo codes for ya right here! Just click on the one or ones that you're interested in to take you to the page that you can enter them on. Then copy the promotional code to your clipboard and paste it into the "Promo Code" field as shown in the screenshot below, then you're golden! Applause

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KillaKarisma Interview on the Howard Stern Show

So, can't lie ... I've found this "song" by KillaKarisma hilarious ...

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The Robin Quivers Drinking Game - Rules!

So, Robin Quivers' "Know it All" problem and narcissism has become so predictable now that we've come up with a great drinking game, for whenever you're listening to the Howard SternsiriusXM Show! Wink

For starters we highly recommend that when it comes time to take a drink, you only do a sip at a time, rather than say, a full shot of tequila, because she does the following SO much, that you'll be completely schnakered before you're even 20 minutes into the show.

And now, on with the rules! Applause

Take a drink whenever Robin:

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How Did They Do This? The Best Special Effects I Think I've Ever Seen ...

Ok, So I'm watching this video of some guy(?) named "Eric the Midget" on this YouTube channel, and he's been dead for at least a month now, but somehow they made this realistic looking video just yesterday ...

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Tribute to Crackhead Bob: Dame Dat Dune

ROFL so they played an old favorite bit of mine on Howard SternsiriusXM today that caused me to uncontrollably have a Youtube stroll down memory lane for my favorite (Thinking either him or Beedajuice actually, not sure) Howard SternsiriusXM wack packer, Crackhead Bob ... he's a pisser!

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Howard Stern Signs His Second 5-Year Sirius XM Contract

Howard SternsiriusXM Signs His Second 5-Year Sirius XMsiriusXM Contract

howard stern sirius xm new contract

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