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How To Make Your Own Disc Cover

This would be an easy, fun and cute project for anyone! If you burn cd's/dvd's as gifts for friend's or family members it would be kind of cool to make a cd/dvd case like this, the cover could reflect what the cd/dvd is about - example : if the cd is songs by Bon Jovi then a page taken from a magazine with a pic or information about Bon Jovi would be awesome to make a cd/dvd cover with!

The possibilities are endless!

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Top 5 Reasons to take ownership of a file !

  1. You download a program that you cant delete.
    See example in this article here: Clicky

  2. You want to customize your windows settings
    Example: you want a custom boot logo when you restart your computer these files are normally a .MUI file

  3. Create custom themes make your Windows computer look like a mac or Windows XP look like Vista

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Take Ownership Of A File

This is the standard way to take ownership of a file or folder

To take ownership and grant full control (or read write) permissions of files or folders in Windows Vista and Windows 7 / Windows 8, do these steps.

  • In Windows Explorer window, locate the files or folders that you want to take ownership and grant or change full control or other access permissions.
  • Right click on the file or directory, and then select Properties on the right click menu.

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Create "Take Ownership" in Windows Right-Click Menu

This trick works in Windows 7, and Vista (I use it in Vista and it works Great )

Take Ownership in Windows


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Facebook Profile Watcher Tracker

Lately I have been getting quite a few invites from friends to join the one app on Facebook called "Profile Watcher". So my mind got to thinking how can we make this work for us? Well I would like to see who is looking at my profile HOWEVER I really don't want them seeing me lurking around on facebook. Plus we all know that this could be used against you if you add it and you peak at a non friend and they track you.

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Quite possibly the handiest little free app ever - StrokeIt

Here's a tiny little program that I've been using for years and years. When Vista came out, it broke, and that really sucked for me, because I came to almost depend on it's usefulness ... felt like part of windows itself after awhile. The author took a long time to update it to make it work again (in Vista. Hey, it's free, can't expect him to devote his every minute to it), but I've recently discovered he has a pretty stable version now that works in Vista (though it's still a beta), and things no longer suck for me ...

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