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Talk about Spazoids! Warcraft kid goes nuts!

I don't know if this is fake, but if its not, the kid needs some time out on the farm or camping or some thing.
I particularly like the part during the spaz he tries to stick his TV remote up his a**. Not sure what its trying to prove, but the fact he motioned to it, made the whole video Tongue

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Mean But Oh So Funny Break Up Lines

Ok so Gmail is at it again. But I did get a laugh out of it today. Here's a list of some of the best break up lines EVER.

  1. I discovered I have a mild form of epilepsy and you bring on attacks because you make me too excited to be around you.

  2. I have a pet dog, he kisses like you, his breath is like yours, he pants like you. I love him dearly but I wouldn't want to marry him. Lets part before this goes any farther.

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Piss off pictures

OK I though we needed a thread with our fun piss off pictures that we have on our myspace/facebook or other social forum sites that we post just to well tell our lurkers/stalkers to...piss off.

So got some funny pics post them.

{Mod note: Original images were deleted by user}

if you like a pic - Snag It here just right click and save it Smile

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15 things to NEVER say to a woman

Found this totally useless post at (it was a pop-up so I can't figure out how to get the exact link)and was cracking up. Thought maybe a few of the guys on the site could use the advice. So here goes it... (my own comments will be in green)

15. What did you do to your hair? If you're asking because you don't like it, it's too late. And if you're asking because you really can't tell, pay more attention!

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The Men's Code of Ethics

Thought this would be great in an estrogen-centric forum. Big Grin

The Men's Code of Ethics

1. Thou shall not rent the movie Brokeback Mountain.

2. Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella.

3. Any man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his fellow partygoers.

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The Rules of Drunk Dialing

In the spirit of my recent adventures in drunk texting, I'm posting these rules I found at this site. Enjoy.

Funny Drunk Dialing Texting Jokes

  1. Only drunk dial when you're drunk. Everything else is false advertisement

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Funny Ha Ha.....

OK sometimes you just need a good laugh.

So if you have a good joke or a riddle share it.


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