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Computer Jokes To Play On Friends And Co-Workers

Its always fun to pull over a fun and harmless joke on a friend or co-worker. I love this one because it can drive even the experienced person nuts and yet its so easy. Plus it causes no harm, its just a harmless prank.

First you have to have access to their computer. Take a screen shot of their desktop background. Screen shots are easy to do and simple click on print screen > open paint and hit "ctrl + V"

when you do this it will paste in your screen shot of their desktop - here is mine:

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Funniest Ventriloquist Video

I found this really really funny.....

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Does This Sound Make You Need To Press Mud?

Bottoms Heads up, you might not want to play this if you already have a hot round in the chamber. This is a recording of the "Brown Sound", a.k.a. the note played that makes people uncontrollably feel the need to grind a grumpy.

Turn the volume up, and keep a roll of Scott tissues nearby in case ya accidently, and explosively, burn a mule in your reclining computer chair ...

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Guy Sings Litter Of Dogs To Sleep

This is pretty funny, a guy (who can sing about as good as I can fly a stealth bomber) sings a litter full of whimpering puppies to sleep. That's a pretty potent voice he has there, check out the position the white dog falls asleep in; didn't even have a chance to fully lay down! I wonder if this guy can also make the brown sound with his voice. Wink

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Lame Facebook Statuses

Have you seen or heard of the site OMG tears laughing over some of the postings there. You have to love the failed and funny facebook postings. Come on we have all read them at some point from a friend or two, maybe even posted one. Anyways here are a few examples:

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Nestle Crunch Hotline.. Funny

A friend of mine posted this on her facebook and my curiosity got me to call. I laugehd so hard at the hilarious menu options!

Take a listen:

Call the Nestle Crunch Hotline at 1-800-295-0051. When you are asked if you want to continue in English or Spanish, just wait quietly for about 10 seconds. Keep going and press 4 listen to the options...the options actually work!

My favorite is the pig latin option.. ROFL

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I know it's old, but this is STILL one of the funniest videos ever ...

Mannnn, I can sit there for hours watching this, and all the other "Dramatic Gopher" videos ... laughin' my arse off. Like ... belly laughing ....


And three of my other favorites ...

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Freak Out Annoying Neighbors With Your Funny WIFI Network SSID Names

Want to have fun with your neighbors - change you WIFI network name so when they go looking or try and steal it they see the name. Yep freak out your annoying neighbors and sit back and laugh. Here are some funny examples

Funny Wireless Wifi Names SSID Boobies

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Twilight - Vampires don't SPARKLE

Since the new movies is about to open I thought I would post some pics that I found funny.........

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Funny and Awkward Facebook Moments

OK there are some times when you either read something or you maybe take some app quize only to find it come out funny or one of those oops L0L moments. Here are a few funny ones:


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