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I have a new favorite "LOL" website ...

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Best WalMart Photo yet!

This woman is out shopping…in public…with no shirt on. She has her boobs tucked into her pants. INTO HER PANTS!!! What in the world are people thinking?? Don't they have mirrors..........SERIOUSLY??!!?!?!?!?

funny walmart photos white trash

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If FaceBook Had ALWAYS Existed (Hilarious)

What if Facebook had existed since the dawn of time, all the way up until today? Here are some funny facebook statuses you may have seen along the way ... Big Grin

funny facebook status abraham lincoln

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Cats Praying

Fair is fair! Cats pray too!

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Keenan Cahill - The Latest Internet Sensation!

Check out the next YouTube internet sensation, I guarantee he'll warm the inner-coccyls (is that really even a word?) of your heart ... or at least make ya slap your knee a bunch of times.

Bonus! He's a Cubbies fan! Wink

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Dog Praying Before Lunch

I saw this on youtube and thought it was soooo cute!

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Advertising Placement LOL's

Have you ever surfed the web to find that the advertising on it and the article match is a humorous way? You have to love the fluke of bad advertising are some examples:
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Wooden Spoons Bopping

I have been watching this video for almost a year now and almost lay an egg every time I watch it. OMG!! It has to go down in history as the funniest video of all times - anyone else like it? ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

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The Jack & Rod Show - Easter Dice Bunny (NSFW)

Warning: Contains Adult Language.

This is a hilarious video, actually there's no video of it, it's all audio, but it's a riot. It's a clip from the Howard SternsiriusXM show, with Jimmy Kimmel as a guest and some other stuff. If you're a fan of Andrew Dice Clay, you'll get even more of a belly laugh out of it.

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Dear Penis

Funny video, but don't worry about the name, it's not particularly dirty.


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