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How To Download a Torrent (Bit Torrent)

How to use Bit Torrent / download a torrent?

Well, I get asked often how does one use a torrent site and I'm asked to explain it simply. Yes you can Google and read all about it, but most of the time it's so technical that you still walk away not understanding. So, let me explain some of the general terms first (and I'll add more as I go on).

  • What is Bit Torrent (and what is a torrent "client")?
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Lawyers are ruining America (and the internet) for us all

Lawyers are ruining America (and the internet) for us all.

Facebook email notice wrote:


We have removed your video entitled (no title) uploaded at 11:05pm November 9th, 2012. This video may include copyrighted material (such as a clip or audio) that you do not have the right to share.

If you think your video should not have been removed because:
(1) you are the copyright owner, or
(2) you have permission from the copyright owner to upload and distribute this material on Facebook, or

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Powered subwoofer help

Sorry I wasnt sure were to put this, but here it goes...

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Name this song? (And artist)

Anyone able to identify this song title and artist?

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How To Download Free Music

Looking to download all the free mp3's to your heart's content? Here's a cool little way to get all the free music you want from your favorite artists.

First, you'll need to grab the free Orbit Downloader here.

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FREE MP3 Downloads

So I found this pretty cool site tonight that you can search for songs and download them. Its called It's a great alternative to using a Torrent (Bit Torrent) site. There are no special programs needed to download just click and download it.

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Does File-Sharing Really Hurt Bands?

It has always been a huge debate in the music industry does file-sharing really hurt or can it possibly help bands? Most popular band will say no it hurts us, but really can they come out and say "Hey thanks, your really helping us out". Well here is the thing, bands make money on the concerts not really on the records sold - that is where the producers make their money. Well file-sharing has made so many bands that much more popular. With times tight some turn to file-sharing even though they know its not legal to share a file (be is music, game, app or program) that a


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