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How to unlock my Facebook account which is temporarily locked

How to unlock my Facebook account which is temporarily locked

{Moderator Note: GeekDrop doesn't provide a "Facebook Unlock / Unban Service". This page is for people to post information on HOW to do so, if you have any ideas or tips to share with others in trouble. Smile }

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Facebook Timeline Question: Where did the 'View As' button go?

Well it looks like Facebook has finally forced the timeline on everyone, now my question is where did they move the "View As" button to that used to be right at the top on my profile page? I don't see it anywhere? Confused

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I can't select my newsfeed in my Facebook Android app anymore?

Is anyone else having a new problem with their Facebook app in Android where they can't select their newsfeed?? I just noticed it this morning like they slipped in some update, and now I can't find it when I click on the menu items, so I'm completely unable to get to my newsfeed!

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Best Size For Facebook Cover Photo? - [Solved]

What is the best size to use when making my Facebook cover photo on the new timeline? I want to make sure it fits perfect without it being stretched out looking or too small, or cropped? Thanks!

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How can you know if someone has a block on you?

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Facebook Censorship: Is Facebook way too overbearing? (Example of a real, banned picture)

While we're certainly not the first to complain of this, we've seen it countless times in other peoples' statuses, it's happened to us finally (is it becoming inevitable for every Facebook user?). We have a fan page where we sometimes post pictures in the gallery of some of our GeekDrop verified members (with their approval), one of them was GeekDrop member Countryman, who don't let the name fool ya, is actually all woman. Upon logging into our Facebook account today we got this popup message before we were able to get to our newsfeed:

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Remove Facebook Timeline

I chose the option to turn on the Facebook timeline and now I HATE it! How can I turn it back off??

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fb://profile protocol links to Facebook profiles?

I was looking at a friend's picture, then tried to click on one of the profiles of a commenter and got a Firefox error saying it didn't know how to handle the Facebook:// protocol. So when I hovered my mouse over the profile it shows the link as "fb://profile/####" and all of the others in the same comment were normal http:// links to their profiles. Anyone know why that one person has a Facebook:// link and the others have http://?

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Facebook is not closing your session locations

Facebook is not closing your session locations, when you log off. This is causing Facebook to run extremely slow, and games to crash on a consistent basis. In order to fix, you have to manually end activity on your sessions. Once I closed my active sessions my performance improved drastically!!

  1. Click Account

  2. Account Settings

  3. Look to the upper left and click Security

  4. Active Sessions - click edit

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Can I tell who has hidden me from their Facebook newsfeed?

I'd like to clean up my Facebook friends list, starting with anyone who has hidden me in their news feed. The way I see it if they have no interest in what I have to say or I annoy them too much then they aren't really a friend, right? So can anyone tell me if there's a way to tell exactly who has hidden me from showing in their feed?

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