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facebook hacks

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Worried my facebook has been hacked

I haven't logged into used Facebook for months, probably well over a year but several recent notifications dated in the last month have been marked as seen. I'm worried that smeone has hacked my account but I don't know of any other activity. Does anyone know of any other reason for this - could there be a bug in facebook for instance? Anyone else had the same issue.?


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How do i get on Facebook if it's blocked in school?

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See Who Answered WithOUT needing coins in Truth Game / 21 Questions


So, you don't feel like wasting your time answering questions about your Facebook friends just to stock up on coins so that you can view who answered questions about you in the "Truth Game", also sometimes called "21 Questions, socialtrueorfalse and Truths About You"? (It's also gone by other names, seems the developer likes to change the name around a lot or something).


Well, there's a surprisingly easy little trick to doing so; just follow the steps in the screenshot:

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Animated pictures (gif or png) on Facebook

Is there a way to have animated pictures on Facebook?

Whenever I try to upload an animated gif Facebook only shows it as a still picture. Like only one of the frames in the animated image. I remember back on Myspace animated pictures worked fine.

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Problems with Facebook chat sidebar

Now that Facebook has forced us to use this new chat sidebar I can't get it to stay hidden!! Even when I uncheck "available to chat" and "hide sidebar" it always ends up marking me as available to chat and taking up the entire right side later anyway, all by itself! Does anyone know how to stop this??

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Viewing Anyone's Facebook Profile Picture Even When Blocked (Loophole)

Brand new loophole posted in our private / premium forums that will let you see anyone's profile picture even if you've blocked them or they've blocked you! May also be useful in other ways. For our subscribers just clicky here. For non-subscribers, what's the hold-up? Join us, we got the c0dez! Peace

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How To Send A FaceBook Friend Request When Blocked - This request can't be sent - Trick - Screenshots

So Facebook has a new trick up their sleeve which is annoying the heck out of many many people. In fact, I myself tried to send a request to someone who lives less that 15 minutes away and it wouldn't let me. So if you've gotten the Facebook "Do you know this person?", "Friend Request Can't Be Sent" message while trying to send a Facebook friend request, here's the GeekDrop trick on how to outslick Facebook and send that request anyway. It's actually very simple.

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Hot Off The Press - New Myspace Code


Just a FYI to our non Premie members there is a new code in our Premie area - get it while its hot:

Code to view hidden mood / status on myspace

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Facebook Will Start Charging Users

I don't think a week goes by that I don't see a friend or two join one of those Facebook groups that is all about facebook charging. At last check there were over 1400 groups on this.

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