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Facebook List of Fun Tag Statuses to Add to Yours!


Lately there's been a lot of these fun "Status Tag Lists" going around, and I'll admit, they're fun!! Here are the one's that I've seen SO far, feel free to add them to your Facebook statuses too. If you do, please be kind enough to click the Like button on this page Smile


And if you know of more or see more, or think of your own, please add them in a comment so we can have a huge list of great ones!

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The True Facebook Experience: Women Vs. Men (Funny Picture)

So much for equality of the sexes! Click "Like" if you agree with the pic! (Or just got a laugh out of it! Laughing )

Facebook Men Vs. Women Funny picture

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Funny Facebook Statuses! (Pictures)

Ever come across 2 friends that aren't on each other's friends lists and don't even know each other, but somehow they manage to be thinking along the same lines, and post funny and/or ironic statuses right by each other. It seems to happen to me all the time, here's one funny example, if you have any of your own please share with the rest of us!

Funny facebook statuses
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Facebook: Kick A Ginger Day

So if kids don't have enough to deal with at school here is a new one. This is also a warning to parents who have red-headed children. It seams that the TV show "South Park" did a episode on how red heads are stupid and then started a new holiday "Kick A Ginger Day".

Kick a ginger (redhead) day on facebook

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